An Ode To St. Patrick’s Day – Dublin, Ireland

How do you begin to sum up St. Patrick’s Day, or Paddy’s Day but definitely not Patty’s Day!

St. Patrick’s Festival, Ireland, was established by the Government of Ireland in November 1995 and has since developed into a multi day celebration which takes place annually on and around March 17, St. Patrick’s Day – the national holiday of Ireland.

I have been lucky to experience St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at the Mecca itself, Dublin Ireland 3 years in a row. This year though, I made a conscious effort to enjoy the festival more than I had previously as I knew I’d be leaving Dublin. I think I can safely say that the day is celebrated everything as you’d imagine it. The parade kicks of around noonish or just after and makes it way through the city centre and ended at Kevin Street this year.I won’t offer you a list of what to expect or do’s and dont’s as I think they can be exhaustive. They have been done several times over already. More importantly, each persons experience is going to differ, as our attitude and level of openness to new places and cultures determine significantly the experience we have. I will say this though, there is good and bad everywhere, so keep your wits about you! The Irish are a friendly bunch, rest assured that you would be told countless stories over pints of your preferred drink by an Irish Person. Show up, dress up and suck up all that the Emerald Isle has to offer. Raise your glass and cheers to a bloody good Paddys Day using the Irish word for cheers, Sláinte! 

Hope you enjoyed this photographic look on St. Patricks Day this year and previous as I experienced it. If you have any questions or experiences yourself. Please do share in the comment section below.