Hey Hey, Here We Go Again Baby!

How many times can one start over ? Online, emotionally, physically, mentally, career wise etc. My answer is this, as many times as you want, can and feel the need to! This here is my attempt of revamping and reinventing my little slice of the internet. Why now? Why again? Why don’t you just pack it in?  I’ll tell you why because after all this is where I share what I want to share, when and how I want to share.

This year, 2018 is a big year for me. Its a big year because I have labeled it as such. This year will make it 3 years living in Ireland,  this year if all goes according to plan I would celebrate my 30th birthday. This year, will be the year I decide if I stay in Ireland another year, or I pack all my shit up, say bon voyage and return home. So without getting to heavy, this is the year I basically have to tie all the loose ends in my life and make some tough but hopefully rewarding major life decisions to name a few.

Last year I OPENLY talked about my struggle with anxiety and depression, this year the aim is to talk less and act more. By talking both openly, honestly and frankly I have learnt a lot about myself, my triggers and my strengths. So this year its all about putting my money where my mouth is when it comes to my mental health. Its about taking back control, not just vocally but totally.

I’ve archived everything on Instagram and on this blog, not because I am ashamed or regretful of anything that I wrote or shared. More so because I felt it was time for a fresh start in many ways. Personally I felt like shit got tough, I said it out loud, I cried, I struggled, I lost the plot all together and for a quick minute I was beginning to add to my own shit by sitting and feeling sorry for myself for lack of a better term. This is not me by any means saying that I’m better because I’d be a fool to think that and you a fool to, believe it. It’s more me saying that its time to take a different approach.

What didn’t kill me, made me stronger. Why not use that strength to start over? I can’t promise, consistency but I can promise that when and what I post on here, will always be a truthful reflection of whats happening, not just externally but internally. The time for smoke and mirrors have long gone with me. It’s like getting a new haircut. So hey hey baby, here we go again. Let’s see how Not So Crystal Clear .com take 50 goes 🙂 Expect it all, from food, travel, photography, rants, raves and everything.