Malahide Castle & Grounds – Dublin, Ireland

Let’s talk about castles! Can you name one person you know who does not like castles. Wether you’re a villain, prince or princess castles are something we can all relate to. Anyways lets talk about Malahide Castle, amongst all the other spectacular things to do an see in Dublin a visit to Malahide Castle is a must. I recommend going in the summer months when all the flora are in full bloom an the grounds and castle are covered in the most colourful of them all. 

I paid a visit to Malahide in mid March just to give you an idea of what to expect that time of the year. The only downside for me was that I visited late at evening. Which I don’t suggest. You need to give yourself ample time to explore the Gardens firstly which I didn’t have the opportunity to. Next you need to sit in Avoca and treat yourself to some yummy cakes and or sandwiches and whatever else tickles your fancy.

Then last but not least, do a tour of the indoor of the castle. Which again I missed 🙁 . On a scale of 1-10 I rate it a solid 8 an thats just based on the exterior and cakes and coffee at Avoca. So imagine if you were to plan your trip properly and enjoy all that the grounds has to offer. Click here which will take you to their website so that you can see there opening times and prices for the tours.

Have you ever been to the castle or any castles at all? Let me know, I’d love to hear your story or see your photos.