Maracas Beach, Trinidad

Trinidad and Tobago may be a twin island nation but each one couldn’t be more different than the other. Having been born and raised in Trinidad and living most of my adult life in Tobago before migrating. If I am to be completely honest my heart tends to lean more toward Tobago and thats simply due to the beaches and the slower pace of life but thats a post for another time. I say all that to say this, if you are ever visiting Trinidad and Tobago while Trinidad has a few must see beaches like Maracas, Tobago is the queen of blue waters and soft sandy beaches. Maracas Beach/Bay, is probably the most known and loved of all the beaches in Trinidad. Here you can find the famous Bake And Shark vendors, which is why I visit all the time for the food! And yes you read that correct, we eat Shark! Tucked in between a Fry Bake (deep fried flour dough) and accompanied, by a variety of local salads, pickles and condiments you can find the crispy yet soft pieces of perfectly marinated shark flesh.I highly recommend having this local tasty treat with a cold coconut water or beer of choice. If the sound of bake and shark doesn’t tickle your taste buds, then you’re sure to have other options, from craft stalls, lounging at the seashore listening to the waves crashing and topping up your tan. Maracas is  also known for being a good “liming” spot. Liming is what locals refer to a gathering of two or more people who are just enjoying the company of others, generally having a chat or listening to music or whatever the mood calls for. Remember that word Liming because you will be hearing more of it.

What’s your favourite comfort food from your country?