The Olive & Mango Introduction To Food Styling And Photography Workshop

Now that title was a mouthful I know but its self explanatory and sums up this post perfectly. So I came across the Instagram profile of Joanne from The Olive And Mango. I drooled and fell completely in love with her photos not necessarily in that order but you get the gist. I was also super stoked to see that she ran  workshops so it was a no brainer that I’d sign up. I was somewhat hesitant having been to a local event recently an being completely let down. After chatting to a few Instagram buddies I bit the bullet and paid. 

Let me tell you, the workshop was an absolute treat. It’s ran by both Joanne and her husband and they are both open, approachable and knowledgeable in their respective areas. Joanne is more of the foodie and stylist while Johann is the photographer. They compliment each other so the session flowed well. Here’s some quick details. The workshop took place in Long Circular the location was fantastic an easily accessible! The cost was $400 TTD. There was a delicious spread of refreshments and light snacks. 

The workshop is segmented into two man sections. Theory – we watched some slides on different aspects of food styling and photography. From props, to lighting to gear to post production to name a few. Practical – we got to style an photograph the delicious yummy treats that was also baked by Joanne. Next level brownies and banana bread, seriously they need to be packaged and sold somewhere. 

Oh an how can I forgot, we got a goody bag! It consisted of tea, garlic sauce, pasta sauce and some locally flavoured drizzles. I’m looking forward to try them all out!

So if you’re into food or photography or both then you’d definitely want to give them a follow. You won’t be disappointed. Or even if you wanna take a half decent photos as I did as seen throughout this post. Taken by yours truly!